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Review: RISMedia’s June 2020 Digital Magazine

At Colibri Real Estate, we want our customers to have all the resources they need to be successful in real estate. That’s why we’ve teamed up with RISMedia, the leading provider of the most relevant and up-to-date information related to the residential real estate market.

As their Strategic Education Partner, we are able to give our customers free access to the digital edition of the RISMedia monthly magazine.

This real estate magazine is full of thought-provoking and valuable content that prospective and licensed agents of all years of experience can apply to their careers. Here’s a brief overview of what you will find in this month’s edition.

Cover Story

The Power of One

This month’s cover story, written by Paige Tepping, features Realty ONE Group, a real estate group and lifestyle brand that lives by the motto, “Waking up to win.”

Tepping interviews Kuba Jewgienniew, CEO and founder of Realty ONE Group, to learn about his background, the history of his business, and how they’ve responded to the coronavirus crisis. “Because Realty ONE Group already had a mindset to persevere and win, there was no need to pivot at the onset of the crisis. Instead, it was full steam ahead.”

Read the full article on page 26 of the digital magazine.

Industry News

Webinar Recap: Real Estate Leaders Forge Ahead in the Face of the Pandemic

This piece provides a recap of RISMedia’s recent webinar, “Adapting to the New Normal, and Emerging on the Other Side.”

The webinar features an expert panel of real estate leaders: Dava Davin, founder and CEO of Portside Real Estate Group; Michael Koval, COO of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty; and Mike Pappas, president/CEO of The Keyes Company/Illustrated Properties. Panelists discuss “how they’re stepping up to the plate,” ramping up communication, and embracing change in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read the full article on page 88 of the digital magazine.

Policy News

IRS Grants 1031 Deadline Relief

In this piece, the director of federal taxation for the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), Evan Liddiard, explains how—under normal circumstances—”1031 like-kind exchange” rules allow for real property exchanges to qualify for tax deferral treatment. “However,” Lilliard writes, “the current COVID-19 pandemic has prevented many individuals and businesses who are in the middle of a like-kind exchange from being able to meet [the required] deadlines.”

In response to urging from the NAR and other real estate trade groups, the IRS has issued Notice 2020-23 granting 1031 deadline relief, as well as “relief for those planning to roll over capital gains from a prior investment into an Opportunity Fund.”

Read the full article on page 13 of the digital magazine.

Real Estate Tips and Stories

Continuing Education Key to Enhancing Your Skills

This piece emphasizes that “real estate professionals across the board” identify continuing education as being extremely important to laying a foundation for success in the industry. It highlights the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA) certification as “a great place to start.”

The article includes an interview with PSA program course instructor, Cynthia DeLuca. “As REALTORS®, we stress so much on the CMA, but we never discuss the appraisal much, which is always a mystery,” says DeLuca. “It’s great to dive into the appraisal process and really understand the end result so that we can start with the end in mind when pricing the property.”

Read the full article on page 47 of the digital magazine.

Is Now the Right Time to Upgrade Your License?

This piece, written by the experts right here at Colibri Real Estate, explains how now may be a savvy time to upgrade your real estate license from salesperson to broker.

The article provides a detailed breakdown of the costs and benefits of becoming a real estate broker and answers the frequently asked question, “How long does it take to upgrade your license?”

Read the full article on page 51 of the digital magazine.

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