The Top 25 Best Places to Retire in the U.S.

Deciding where to retire is a momentous decision that people need to carefully consider before they make their choice. Nowadays, people often decide to retire to new locations for a variety of different reasons. Those beginning to plan their retirement should think carefully about where they want to retire and the factors that matter the most to them. Real estate agents should work to understand the needs of retirees investigating their particular region so they can provide those retirees with quality services. Here is what you need to know about where to retire in the United States. 

What to Consider When Relocating for Retirement? 

Relocating for retirement has become increasingly popular over the years. People might have a number of different reasons that lead them to set up their retirement homes in a new area. Some of the most common reasons include: 


  • Wanting to be closer to family — retirees might want to live near adult children and grandchildren so that visiting and being a part of their daily lives becomes easier. 
  • Many also want to cut their costs — high-cost-of-living areas, such as around many major cities, might work well for people during their working years. However, moving to lower-cost-of-living areas might make it easier for people to stretch their retirement income further. 
  • Wanting to live in a better climate — some retirees might decide they need a change of pace, such as avoiding cold winters, and want to live somewhere warmer. 
  • The opportunity to pursue their hobbies or other interests — when people retire, they generally have more time to spend on the hobbies that interest them the most. Living in an environment that facilitates the enjoyment of their hobbies becomes appealing. 

There are several categories of interest that seem to have the greatest impact on retirement decisions. In particular, accessibility to the arts and culture, fine dining, lifelong learning, volunteering, the availability of outdoor activities on land or water, and golfing are some of the biggest hobbies that can influence decisions. 

The Best Cities to Retire in the U.S. 

In response to these different criteria, a few key locations have merged as top picks for people interested in retirement. Forbes has identified 25 places in particular that provide an excellent environment for people interested in pursuing the aforementioned interests. 

These places will appeal to a variety of different people. They offer different climates and costs of living. One might also be better for outdoor water sports, while another may offer incredible golf courses. Those interested in retiring will want to evaluate each location according to their priorities. Real estate agents should also know what is offered in their areas and how their locations meet the common needs of retirees so they can better engage these potential clients. Here are some of the top places from around the country. 

  1. Annapolis, Maryland 
  1. Asheville, North Carolina 
  1. Ashland, Oregon 
  1. Austin, Texas 
  1. Bend, Oregon 
  1. Boise, Idaho 
  1. Boston, Massachusetts 
  1. Boulder, Colorado 
  1. Charleston, South Carolina 
  1. Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 
  1. Fayetteville, Arkansas 
  1. Flagstaff, Arizona 
  1. Gainesville, Florida 
  1. Hilton Head, South Carolina 
  1. Naples, Florida 
  1. Pinehurst, North Carolina 
  1. Portland, Maine 
  1. Portland, Oregon 
  1. San Francisco, California 
  1. Santa Fe, New Mexico 
  1. Sarasota, Florida 
  1. Seattle, Washington 
  1. Tampa, Florida 
  1. Traverse City, Michigan 
  1. Walla Walla, Washington 

How to Choose Where to Retire? Real Estate Agents Can Help! 

When clients want to find a new home for their retirement years, they will often search new areas that they might not be as familiar with. As a real estate agent, you want to understand the motivations people might have as they choose a location for their retirement. This can help you answer their questions about your area and help them in their search for the perfect home to enjoy during their retirement.  

If you take steps to prepare yourself to work with this particular population, then you can set yourself apart as a professional ready to help this group of potential clients. An excellent way to learn more about the real estate needs of retirees is through partnering with a real estate education provider like Colibri Real Estate. With online resources available to help you advance your career, you can definitely learn more about how to better serve certain types of clients, including retirees. Contact us today and get started now. 

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