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Steps to Take Before Putting Your Home on the Market

It is difficult to sell a home in across much of the country right now, but you can make it easier. There are some key things to consider before you sell your home if you want to make the process as quick and profitable as possible.

It may seem unimportant, but determining the reasons why you want to sell before you list your home can save you from making some costly mistakes. Deciding to list you home in a buyer’s market should be carefully considered before you list the property. Writing down your reasons for wanting to sell and what you expect to get from the sale can keep you focused on the goal.

Once you decide to sell, contact the lender for your current mortgage to find out exactly what the payoff amount of your loan will be. A beneficiary statement can be ordered from your lender that will outline exactly what you need to do to be released from your mortgage, including any fees required to do so. This will prevent any unfortunate surprises and allow you to come to terms with the financial situation.

Interview many real estate agents before you sign a listing agreement. Make them present you with the marketing strategy they will use to sell your home and go with the agent you feel best understands your needs. Have the agent that you choose prepare you a net profit sheet outlining realistic sale and profit estimates based on the home, market, and comparable properties. Ideally, they will provide you with a best case and worst-case scenario so that you can weigh your options carefully before you list the home.

If your goal is to buy another home, your best bet is to sell before you buy. It can be tempting to start looking around for a new home as soon as your home goes on the market, but selling a home can take time. If you find a home you love before your house sells, you could put yourself into a tough financial position.

Selling your home in a buyer’s market can be a challenge, so preparation and careful consideration are essential for success. Weigh all of your options and know what you need before your start looking for what you want. By collecting information before you begin and understanding the realities, you can make the best decisions for your situation and sell your home.

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