Painting 101

First impressions mean a lot to buyers.  Many are strongly influenced by “the feel” of a home.  That is why color is a simple and powerful tool for any seller to prepare a home for sale. Clean, fresh colors give any home an edge, making it seem newer, fresher, and better than before.

Color Theory
People are emotionally and psychologically influenced by color (search “color psychology” on the web).  Sellers can use a bit of color research to create an aura comfort for buyers.  Warm colors are stimulating and energizing, while cool colors are calming and relaxing.  Avoid dark colors, which can cause negative emotions and constrict the space, making it seem small and dim.  Keep in mind how the lighting and flow from one room to another can influence the color story.

Color lovers fill their homes with rich, vibrant hues that attract attention.  Unfortunately, when it comes time to sell, those wowing walls can attract the wrong type of attention.  Buyers are frequently overwhelmed by bold color choices, and the startling shades a seller loves can distract buyers from the home’s potential.  These buyers may not be able to see past the paint that makes the home yours to a future where it can be theirs.  Tone down colors to neutrals and pastels for a gentler, more inviting space.

White Out
In most cases, white is not the best option.  Bright white walls can seem sterile and harsh, and may do unflattering things in different lighting situations.  Choose pale, discrete neutrals like cream, gray, or taupe for a warmer atmosphere.  Use white in small doses, like fresh white trim, for a crisp, clean effect.

Paint Vogue
Like clothes and hairstyles, colors go in and out of fashion.  Color is a great way to make a dated space feel contemporary and stylish.  Search the web for the latest home color trends, flip through design magazines, or check out a few home makeover shows for inspiration.  A modern, stylish color palate can really draw in buyers, making the space seem more up-to-date and helping buyers see their modern, stylish lifestyles in the space.

Updated wall colors can mean increased traffic, better showings, and more offers. For any home seller’s budget, a few buckets of paint are well worth the investment.

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