Money saving upgrades to improve your clients home

With warmer weather approaching, it is the perfect time to take advantage of those home improvements colder weather prevented. These money saving upgrades help maintain a home’s value as well as help improve the environment. Agents, have your clients prepare for the upcoming summer season with these home enhancement techniques to give a competitive edge in today’s market.

Replacing windows and doors
Not only will replacing windows and doors cut down on the heating and cooling expenses, it is a great opportunity to save on your taxes. Individuals who install energy star qualified windows and doors can acquire a tax credit anywhere from $200 to $500. For those who do make these improvements be sure to ask your accountant or whomever does your taxes to file a “5695 form” during the next tax season.

Increase curb appeal
Warmer weather allows people to enjoy the outdoors, especially during the summertime months. Making the exterior of your home more attractive can be as simple as maintaining your landscape to adding colored flowers or plants to your walkways. Give your home a refreshing makeover and add more appeal by painting or replacing worn siding. Accomplish that “brand new” look by repaving your driveway or refinishing your deck. Glossing your wood deck protects it from natures ever changing weather conditions.

Install solar panels
For those who live in a region where they endure mostly sunny days, installing solar panels can be highly beneficial. Take advantage of the sun by incorporating a solar power generation system that converts sunshine into usable household energy.

Fresh air ventilation systems
People now have the capabilities to improve the quality of air inside their homes with air ventilation systems. A modern air ventilation system filters air in and disposes of harmful toxins such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. For example, newer air ventilation systems can even prevent the buildup of chemicals from dry-cleaned clothes.

Controlled sprinkler systems
In many parts of the U.S. like Nevada or Missouri, people experience droughts during the summer months where regions can go weeks without rain. As states, there is a new WeatherTRAK watering resource management system that allows homeowners to conserve water while effectively watering their lawn. This new management system uses satellites to stay in touch with local weather conditions and will only turn on sprinklers as needed.

For many, summer is the perfect time to upgrade and enhance the functionality of their homes. These tips provide a minimal insight of the endless possibilities a homeowner can choose from to improve their home. For more beneficial real estate knowledge and tips please visit’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

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