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How To Drive Your Real Estate Agent Insane

Real estate agents have to excel in customer service in order for them to be successful. It is in their job description to service the needs of their customers. With that being said, many things you can do inadvertently could drive your real estate agent insane.

Real estate agents are most often paid on a commission basis. If they do not close a sale, they do not make any money. One way you can drive your real estate agent insane is to use them as a tour guide or a way to pass a Sunday afternoon. Looking at real estate can be an enjoyable pastime for many. Leisurely touring the open houses in your neighborhood is a fine way to relax on the weekend, but to call upon your real estate agent to chauffer you to view property after property with no real intention of purchasing a home anytime soon is a waste of their time. It could potentially cost them money by keeping your real estate agent from actually earning any money while they are tied up with you.

Another way to drive your real estate agent insane is for you to not keep appointments or always be late when you do show up. As we said, without the close of a sale, a real estate agent does not get paid. This means a successful real estate agent is always working on closing a deal and any time spent doing anything else is money lost. Waiting around for customers who have know appreciation of being on time can cost a real estate agent money.

Using many agents without signing an agreement with one has the ability to drive multiple real estate agents crazy. This makes more than one agent spend time and money to service a customer only to have another real estate agent collect the commission in the end. On the other hand, to sign with an agent and shop around for houses with no real intention of buying a house and not letting them know that you have no real intention of buying a house will definitely drive your real estate agent insane.

The common thread in all of these is that in real estate, time is money.  Time spent not selling, is another commission that they will not bring home, and when you do not earn a regular salary and rely solely on commissions to support your family, your time is even more important. Quite simply if you want to know how to drive your real estate agent insane, all you have to do is waste their time.

Here’s a thought, have you ever thought about getting your real estate license?

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