5 Tips For Passing the Real Estate Exam

Now that your courses have been completed it is time to take the real estate license exam. Taking any test at all can be stressful and your real estate exam is no different. To help walk you through the process here are five tips for passing your real estate exam.

Focus your studies

The sheer amount of material that is covered on the real estate licensing exam can be an obstacle if it becomes overwhelming to you. There are a number of study aids to help you pre-test and focus on what you need to study in order to pass your exam. Take practice exams to see where your weaknesses are and concentrate on improving those areas. Change up your practice exams so that you can get a feel for different wording of questions. You should know your mathematical formulas as they are the key to studying for all of the math sections. Regardless of what the specific question on the exam is, the formula remains the same. Focusing your studies on the areas that you need help on will make it much less overwhelming.

Phone a friend
Find others that are preparing for the same exam and work together. Studying with people attempting to achieve a common goal not only helps to cover more material it also creates an atmosphere that has more accountability for your studies since others are working with you. Being accountable to others can also be motivating and helpful to your studies.

Rest up
Make sure you are well rested on the day of your test. Do not go into the test hungry and tired. Get a good night’s sleep before your test is scheduled and be sure that you are properly nourished when you arrive at your appointed test time. It is not recommended that you attempt any practice testing on the day of your exam. Last minute cramming can cause you to tense up and over-think questions on your exam. You should concentrate only on being calm and staying focused on the material in front of you.

Read all the words
In taking an exam to say to read all the words it may seem trivial and even ridiculously obvious, but in timed multiple choice exams missing or misreading one word can completely change the question’s answer. Words like “all” or “none” are great examples of words that can be missed when you are nervously reading something too quickly and can totally change the context of the question. Mistaking one word for another such as reading ”is” when the word is “if” can also change a question completely. Most test makers understand that and will be sure to include an answer in the multiple choice that would be a correct answer in that case. Simply taking the time to be sure that you have read the questions carefully can make all the difference.

Pay attention to the details
Again, paying attention to the details seems rather obvious, but it is easy to overlook the details when you are nervous. Watch what question you are on so you do not get answers on the answer sheet in the wrong order. Being off by just one line can make the entire test wrong and if you are not paying attention, by the time you realize it you will not have time to fix them. Do not leave spaces blank. If you take a guess at least you have a chance at a right answer.

Every test is stressful, but following these five simple tips can help you pass your real estate exam with flying colors.

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