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Job Satisfaction of Real Estate Agents

Life’s too short to work a job you hate. If you are considering earning your real estate license, you may wonder, “are Realtors happy?” Here’s what the data says about real estate job satisfaction – and the reasons real estate agents are generally happy with their careers.

Are Realtors Happy?

According to the career rankings study conducted by U.S. News and World Report, real estate agents rank third in the list of “Best Sales and Marketing Jobs.” This 2023 survey analyzed data related to salary, job market, future growth, stress, and work/life balance. 

Not only did real estate rank high in the sales category but it also was found #19 on the list of highest-paying jobs without a college degree. While some real estate agents have degrees, a college degree is not required. Instead, to earn a real estate license, one must take state-specific pre-licensing courses and pass an exam and background check.

Another study conducted inside the industry surveyed real estate agents nationwide. They were asked questions about income and hours worked per week. But they also answered that essential question – “Are Realtors happy?” 

It turns out that real estate agents are happy. According to this Colibri Real Estate report, agents report a career satisfaction rating of 3.59/5. 

5 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Report Being Satisfied With Their Jobs

No career is perfect, but there are certainly benefits to working as a real estate agent. Here are five reasons often cited as why real estate agents are happy with their work.

  1. Being a real estate agent allows you to be independent.

A broker oversees the work of real estate agents, but Realtors don’t have a “boss” – at least in the traditional sense. Instead, when you work in real estate, you’re in business for yourself. 

Many people gravitate toward real estate because they value freedom and independence. They like the idea of their success being tied directly to the business choices they make, and they enjoy choosing clients and niches that most appeal to them.

If you have struggled with motivation in a typical workplace, commission-based real estate sales might be the right choice for you.

2. Real estate agents have flexible schedules.

According to Colibri Real Estate’s study, most real estate agents work an average of 33 hours per week. However, the study also notes that real estate agents working 40 to 50 hours per week tend to make more than those working part-time.

While this is interesting, the other take-home message regarding this data is that you can enjoy a flexible schedule as a real estate agent. 

And real estate is a great side gig for those with a full-time job. Most real estate showings are scheduled for evenings and weekends. If you want a career that allows you to juggle several responsibilities simultaneously, consider becoming a licensed Realtor.

3. Real estate agents work in an exciting industry.

Do you love HGTV’s real estate programming and think you would be a good fit for the career? Quit daydreaming about working in the industry and enroll in real estate pre-licensing courses. 

While there’s more to real estate than design and architecture, the ability to see a home’s potential will benefit your future clients. 

Plus, it’s highly satisfying to help people find and purchase their dream homes. 

4. Real estate agents have an unlimited income potential.

Yes, working as a real estate agent offers flexible scheduling, allowing you to spend quality time with your family. And you’ll have great satisfaction helping clients find houses within their budgets. However, let’s get real for a minute. One of the reasons you work is to make money, and working in real estate can be highly lucrative.

The average gross income of a full-time real estate agent is $156,970. (And a full-time broker earns an average of $233,639.) 

Unlike other jobs you have had in the past, your skill and the number of hours you work directly correlates with your income. How satisfying it is to know that hard work can pay off!

5. Real estate agents are optimistic about the future of the industry.

Finally, Colibri’s research shows that 88% of real estate agents are optimistic about the future. They look forward to sustained growth of the industry – so why shouldn’t you?

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