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4 Things Productive People Do Every Day

As a new agent, having strong time management skills is crucial. Successful agents and brokers know how valuable the hours in the day are and do their best to take advantage of them.

If you’re struggling to keep up with your current workload, you should take some lessons from folks who have mastered time management. Here are four things that productive people do every day:

Organize tasks in order of importance

Being able to prioritize what you need to do every day and then handling each task in front of you one at a time is a great strength to have as an agent. Mastering this skill—either by learning to write lists for everything or changing the way you approach your job—will be critical to upping your productivity.

Eliminate distractions

It’s easier said than done but eliminating distractions by either leaving your house or getting off social media while you’re at the office is important. You know what distracts you while you’re trying to work, so be conscious of those things and try to avoid engaging in them.

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Maximize any downtime you may have

Agents have very little downtime, so it’s important to enjoy those moments when possible. However, there are some tasks you can handle when relaxing that won’t feel like work. Small things like deleting old emails and planning what you have to do the rest of the week can go a long way. 

Define what success means to you

How many leads do you want to generate a month? How many transactions do you want to close? Only you can define success for yourself and if you’re already on track for 2020, don’t change up how you do things too drastically. However, there is always going to be slight room for improvement, so make lists if you aren’t already, eliminate distractions as best you can and maximize any downtime you may have. 

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