North Carolina Real Estate License Requirements

How To Get Your Real Estate License In North Carolina

Do you want to become a real estate agent and get your North Carolina Real Estate License? Colibri Real Estate has taught thousands of aspiring real estate agents in North Carolina, and we make it easy for you to get up to speed on the North Carolina real estate license requirements.

North Carolina real estate requirements

How To Get Your Real Estate Salesperson License In North Carolina

North Carolina State Required Pre-licensing Hours: 75 hours
Colibri Real Estate North Carolina Course Hours Offered: 79 hours


Step 1. Meet North Carolina real estate license requirements as outlined by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission: 

  • Be at least eighteen (18) years of age. 
  • Be a United States citizen, a United States national, or an alien authorized to work in the United States. 
  • Have a Social Security Number. 

Step 2. Complete an approved 75 hours of North Carolina real estate pre-licensing education. 

Step 3. Submit your license application and a criminal record report. 

Step 4. Wait for the license commission to process your application and send a Notice of Exam Eligibility. 

Step 5. Schedule your license examination with PSI Services LLC (PSI). 

Step 6. Successfully pass the broker licensing examination by correctly answering 57 out of 80 questions on the national section and 29 out of 40 on the state section (as outlined by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission). 

Step 7. Receive your license. 

Step 8. Complete your post-licensing course work to remove your provisional status. 

How long does it take to get a North Carolina real estate license? 

It varies depending on the pace at which you complete your pre-licensing education and pass your licensing examination. Application process times are also a factor. 

What kind of information will I learn to help me get a real estate license in North Carolina? 

All Colibri Real Estate courses are approved by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. Once completed, you are eligible to sit for the North Carolina real estate license exam. 

Per Colibri Real Estate policy, the 75-hour pre-licensing coursework for brokers must be completed within six (6) months of the start date. The start date for distance education courses is the date the course material is first accessed; the end date is when all required documentation is submitted to the provider. Applicants must complete a required 75-hour North Carolina real estate pre-licensing course, which includes instruction in real estate law, types of interest and ownership in real estate, home ownership, legal descriptions, titles, liens, taxes, encumbrances, appraisal, finance, closings, and professional code of ethics. 

How do I take the North Carolina Broker licensing examination? 

The North Carolina Real Estate Commission contracts with the professional testing service PSI Services LLC (PSI) for examination services. This includes scheduling applicants for examinations and administering the examination. There are many available testing sites across North Carolina and the U.S. from which to choose. 

Before you’re eligible to take the North Carolina licensing examination, you will have to submit your license application, background check, and non-refundable application fee to the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. After your application has been approved, you will receive an email from the commission with a link and code to schedule your PSI exam. More information is included in the email. 

PSI utilizes a separate large question bank for each of the national and state exam sections. The items for each exam section are drawn randomly according to a formula for that exam section; thus, each administration of the exam is unique. The exam formula ensures that the topics tested are consistent and each administration is of equal difficulty. 

All questions on the license examination are multiple-choice questions that require the applicant to choose the correct or best answer from the answer options provided. 

How do I submit my North Carolina Broker application? 

Everyone applying for a broker license, regardless of existing licensure status, must apply online using the North Carolina Real Estate Commission’s online application system, which can be found on the commission’s website, To use the online application system, you must create a login and completely fill in the New Applicant Registration Information. When you are logged in, you will have the choice to apply for a background check and access the application. 

Be aware that you will not be able to submit your application and payment until your education provider has electronically reported your completion of the North Carolina Broker pre-ilcensing course and you have obtained a criminal record report. (As outlined by NCREC). 

Does North Carolina offer reciprocity? 

Yes. To practice real estate in North Carolina, you must have a license that is equivalent to North Carolina’s provisional or “full” broker license, and you must have been active within the previous three (3) years. You have two options depending on how you wish to proceed. You can either: 

  • Pass the state section of the North Carolina real estate license examination and be issued a NC real estate broker license that is equivalent to your status in your currently licensed jurisdiction 


  • Waive the state section of the North Carolina real estate license examination, be issued a NC real estate broker license on provisional status, and be subject to North Carolina’s post-licensing education requirement. You will be ineligible to waive any of your post-licensing education if you choose this option. 

(as outlined by the NREC) 

North Carolina Real Estate Commission  


Phone: (919) 875-3700 

Address: 1313 Navaho Drive. Raleigh, NC 27609 

Mailing address: P.O. Box 17100. Raleigh, NC 27619 

Good to Know

The information provided is a summary of the minimum requirements set forth by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. For a more detailed requirements breakdown, please see the board’s site.

If you hold Real Estate licenses in multiple states, please make sure to check each state’s requirements.

Note: This license renewal information is provided as a convenience only and is subject to change at any time. It’s ultimately the responsibility of the licensee to be sure that he or she is meeting all requirements for each license and corresponding renewal period.