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Get one step closer to your Nebraska real estate license with flexible online courses. Colibri Real Estate is an authorized real estate education provider in Nebraska.

Colibri Real Estate is approved by ARELLO and IDECC.

Self-Paced Course Packages

Learn at your own pace

  • Motivated and self-directed learners can complete all pre-licensing requirements in a matter of weeks.
  • For those who need more time given the demands of work and family, move at your own pace.
  • Need additional support? Our “Exam Prep” and “Live Instructor Q&A” are there when you need them.

Livestream Course Packages

  • Learn in real-time.
  • Connect virtually with expert, local real estate instructors and students.
  • Launch your career with confidence.


What’s included:

  • Course Materials
    • Printed Course Textbooks
    • 1 Required Courses*
    • 1 Real Estate E-Books*
    • 60 Hours of SAE Courses
    • Real Estate Dictionary
  • Study Resources
    • Digital Flashcards*
    • Free Online Proctoring*
    • Exam Prep*
    • Live Exam Crammer Series
    • Exam Cram Webinar
    • NEW: Interactive learning videos from Sketchy
  • Instructor Support*
    • 1-Year Professional Development
    • Q&A with Instructors
  • Pass or Don’t Pay*

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