Alabama Risk Management: Initial Contact to Accepted Offer


This course is designed to provide the steps required to transition from the moment of first meeting a potential client through the entire agency relationship leading to a successful conclusion of the brokerage objective, whether it is a sale, a purchase, or a lease of real property. When you serve as an agent to a principal (your clients), you greater responsibility than merely providing professional assistance as a transaction broker – and thus you assume greater risk. Additionally, you will examine inheritably difficult and risk situations that may arise in real estate.  These include serving as a dual agent, representing a party when it's not an arm's length transaction, handling trust funds, or handling multiple offers and counteroffers.  Many situations cause an agent and their broker to incur some risk of liability.  However, with proper knowledge you can minimize and manage risk successfully.

The credit you will receive for this 3-hour basic Risk Management: Initial Contact to Accepted Offer?course is required for either activation of an inactive license or renewal of an active license. It is required of all active Alabama real estate licensees, whether a sales licensee or a broker licensee.