Pennsylvania Real Estate Rules and Regulations

This course will cover older and newer rules and regulations for licensees who work in the state of Pennsylvania. We will explain how laws and codes in the state were based upon both past court rulings and legislative body decisions made in the state, nationally, and even in foreign countries such as in England. 

Readers will learn about the origins of Agency Law, the Statute of Frauds and written contracts, the responsibilities of real estate agents and their employing brokers, advertising rules, how to reduce legal and financial risks by using approved forms, disclosures, and contracts, and other types of agency duties. 

This course will also cover ongoing demographic and home price trends in recent times, how title insurance and escrow officers play important roles in the funding and closing of real estate deals, the origins of real estate law tied to Title 68, The Landlord and Tenant Act of 1951, and other codes and court decisions. 

The more information that new and experienced agents understand about the rules and regulations associated with the real estate profession, the greater the chances that the agent will not end up with civil and criminal penalties or the suspension or revocation of their license down the road for not following the required rules and laws. “Knowledge is power” as the old saying goes, and we wish you the best of luck and much success with this course.