Indiana Online Correspondence: Real Estate Investing: Beyond the Basics

Take your business to a higher level by expanding your knowledge of investment real estate. In this advanced - yet easy-to-understand - course you will laugh and learn with your instructor, Tom Lundstedt, CCIM. Through a variety of lecture, recordings of live seminars, case studies and real-world, down-to-earth examples, Tom will take you Beyond the Basics of real estate investing.

In this course, you will learn:
- How to use the Investment Property Worksheet to easily analyze a property.
- How to determine a property's investment value quickly and effectively.
- How to start with your desired rate of return, then work backwards to calculate the optimal price.
- The ins and outs of the passive loss rules so that you can profit from the special exception for real estate professionals.
- How to maximize the tax-savings benefits of depreciation by utilizing a strategy called bifurcation.

Tom Lundstedt:

Tom Lundstedt is known as the funniest investment and tax guy in America. His programs have entertained and enlightened more than 3,000 audiences from sea to shining sea. He's a former Major League baseball player whose striking combination of humor and real-world examples makes his subjects spring to life.