Missouri Online Correspondence: NAR: Ethics in the Age of Disruption

This course was created and designed to train and instruct REALTORS® on the practical application of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics and fulfills the REALTOR® Triennial Ethics Requirement.
Every three years, the National Association of REALTORS® requires members to complete a REALTOR® Code of Ethics course in order to remain in good standing with their local, state, and national associations. Courses that qualify and meet this requirement are offered by Associations. This course covers professional conduct, courtesies, business etiquette, and real-life scenarios. REALTORS® are required to provide a valid certificate of course completion to their local associations. The course must be one provided by a local, state, or national REALTOR® Association.
The deadline for all REALTORS® to complete the mandatory Code of Ethics course is 12/31/2024 and every three-year period following that deadline.
Classes that satisfy the NAR® requirement for the REALTOR® Code of Ethics must contain information about the history of the Code, Preamble, Articles of the Code, Standards of Practice, and the Code's Dispute Resolution Process.