Virginia Online Correspondence: Educating Sellers

Being a listing agent is a huge responsibility. Do you feel confident educating your sellers about the process? In this course, we will provide you with tools and information to help you educate sellers so that you can secure listings and smoothly guide your sellers to successful closings. 

In chapter 1, we will look at tools to help your seller understand the current housing market, how to get their property ready by staging it to sell, and how to keep themselves and their possessions safe and secure. In chapter 2, we will discuss how to educate your sellers while their homes are on the market. Starting with a review of the Fair Housing Act, we will move on to advising your sellers how to handle multiple offers or what to do when there are what to do when there are no offers. And in chapter 3, we will review tips on negotiating from an informed position and helping your sellers know their rights and responsibilities.