Online Correspondence: California 15-Hour Green Building Consumer Protection

The real estate market can be fiercely competitive, particularly in the state of California. Being a successful real estate professional is not only dependent on building customer relationships or closing a sale. Your advancement in the industry is also reliant on a continuing intake of knowledge concerning emerging industry trends or advancements in the field of California real estate. Recently, California has been attempting to reduce its environmental footprint by employing green building operations and practices. Learn more about these practices by taking our 15-Hour Green Building Consumer Protection Course. This course is designed to provide California real estate professionals with 15 hours of mandatory course material. This course also covers a wide array of “green” topics including a brief history of marijuana, the conflict between federal and state laws, and how the  new marijuana laws are affecting the real estate market, an introduction to a variety of methods for making a home more environmentally healthy, an overview of recent activity across the United States regarding the green building movement and how consumers are responding, an in depth look at the most important aspects of sealing and insulating a home, a study of property flood risk and how to disclose flood risk to prospective buyers, and an examination of paperless real estate transactions.