Nebraska Renewal with Ethics (18 hrs)

Why it's for you:
  • Courses in this package are designed to meet Nebraska CE requirements.
  • Take courses online at your own pace!
  • NAR EthicsThis course was designed to meet the NAR and ethics requirements in Nebraska.
  • Accessible Narrated Audio with Adjustable Speeds
What's included:
Designated Subject "R" Hours: 6 hrs
Elective Hours: 12 hrs

Total Hours: 18 hrs
Narrating Audio for Coursework:

Learn how you want - listen to all of your course materials with our narrating audio learning option. With this new learning option, learn how, when, and where you want to stay compliant in Nebraska.

  • Team Training for Nebraska Real Estate Licensees: In this course, you’ll learn how great real estate teams are built to connect consumers with properties, gain insights on modern-day team models that blend professional and personal skills, examine the work-life balance among teams, and discover how to commit to a shared vision among team members.
  • May the Code Be With You: This course covers the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics, ethical practices, and decision-making in real estate. This course may be approvable for REALTORS® interested in fulfilling NAR's Code of Ethics requirement. To find out, check with your local REALTORS® association.
  • Performing Quality BPOs: This course is designed to show you how to complete a quality broker price opinion report. We’ll begin by comparing BPOs to appraisals and explain why the BPO has become a favored report in recent years for lenders. This course covers the entire BPO process including how to get registered, the different types of BPOs, the requirements of each, and how to complete a BPO form.
  • Real Estate Investing: Beyond the Basics: This course helps you to take your real estate business to the next level with knowledge of real estate investing. Topics covered in this course include how to use an investment property worksheet, determining property's investment value, passive loss rules, and how to maximize tax-savings benefits of depreciation.
  • Implicit Bias Awareness and Cultural Competency: This course explores implicit, unconscious biases and how, by understanding them, we can interact and communicate effectively with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures.
  • Going Green: Elements of an Eco-friendly Home: Nearly 40% of home buyers consider energy efficient features to be "very important." This course will help you guide homebuyers in their search with insights on how to reduce their environmental footprint, costs of sustainable homes, and pros and cons of eco-friendly materials and homes.