Alabama Mandatory Broker CE Course

Welcome! You will learn about the required responsibilities for real estate licensees and their qualifying brokers in Alabama. The supervision responsibilities and risks are enormous for qualifying brokers in brokerage offices throughout the state and nation. This is why it’s so incredibly important for brokerage firms to provide detailed and informative office manuals and consistent training meetings to help licensees succeed while reducing risks for situations involving advertising, contracts, selling strategies, and property management.

Training is most effective once put into day-to-day practices. Repetition is the key to programming and success. The more that you put something positive into daily practice, the more likely it is that the effective strategies will become almost automatic to you. New licensees usually need more hands-on training by way of onboarding, as will be detailed in this course. Later, you will learn about the importance of handling client’s assets and financial or credit information to protect their interests along with your own.