Indiana Managing Broker Correspondence (12 Hrs)

Why it’s for you:
  • Courses in this package meet all of your state CE requirements.
  • Take courses online at your own pace—no need to log hours!
What's included:
Mandatory Hours: 4 hrs
Electives: 8 hrs

Total Hours: 12 hrs
  • OC: Managing a Real Estate Brokerage: Identify the managing broker responsibilities for forming a real estate company, recruiting agents, and complying with Indiana license law. In this course, you’ll learn how to determine the legal organization of the business, identify licensing and responsibilities of the company and the managing broker, and pocket useful tips on launching a real estate brokerage, including strategic planning and operational logistics.
  • OC: Real Estate Safety: Protect Yourself and Your Clients: Learn safety protocols real estate professionals can employ in the field. In this course, you’ll Explore tips for protecting yourself and your clients, identify safety tips for getting a client’s home ready to sell, and learn how to conduct safe showings.
  • OC: May the Code Be With You: This course was created and designed to train and instruct REALTORS® on the practical application of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics and fulfills the REALTOR® Triennial Ethics Requirement. Every three years, the National Association of REALTORS® requires members to complete a REALTOR® Code of Ethics course in order to remain in good standing with their local, state, and national associations.
  • OC: A Home Buyer's Guide to Credit Scores: Help your clients learn the ins and outs of their credit score and uncover tactics you can do to help them get their score in top shape. In this course, you’ll identify tactics you can use to counsel your clients about their credit scores, refresh your knowledge on the four basic types of credit, and identify specific ways your clients are hurting their score.