Georgia Real Estate License Law

This course is designed to provide a review of current license law, the rules and regulations as set forth by the Georgia Real Estate Commission. It satisfies the requirement for a three hour course in license law as part of Georgia's mandatory 36 hours of continuing education for license renewal every four years. 

As a real estate professional, you already know that staying abreast of current license law is an essential part of your business practice. Refreshing your awareness of license law not only helps you increase your professionalism, but also reduces the chances of having issues arise from simply not knowing the rules and requirements. 

The Georgia Real Estate Commission’s role as a regulatory body is to protect the public interest. As the Commission states, “Regulators protect the public interest when they: 

  • deny the right to practice to the incompetent and unscrupulous; 
  • eliminate barriers that unreasonably limit entry into a field of practice; 
  • refuse to use licensing or registration laws to settle private disputes; 
  • refuse to use licensing or registration laws to advance the interest of private trade associations; and 
  • encourage free and open markets.” 
License law is the means by which these core values are enforced and upheld.