Current Issues in Washington Residential Core 2024-2025


While completing your continuing education requirements may not feel like the most exciting part of your job, it’s nevertheless an important part of a successful real estate practice. Even the most seasoned agents need to keep informed of new laws and regulations and remain up to date on trends in business practices. Staying abreast of these changes helps you to maximize your business productivity and to avoid inadvertently violating the law.

In this course, in Chapter 1, we’ll discuss a number of new and revised Northwest Multiple Listing Service (NWMLS) forms. In Chapter 2, we’ll cover recent revisions to the real estate agency law; then, we’ll review a number of new laws recently passed by the Washington state legislature and explain their effects on day-to-day real estate practices.

Finally, in Chapter 3, we’ll cover various issues concerning business practices and professional standards, including cooperation with fellow licensees, multiple offer scenarios, the use of transaction coordinators, and some common license law violations.