New Jersey Salesperson & Broker (12 Hrs)

Why it’s for you:
  • This package meets all of your state CE requirements.
  • Learn online at your own pace.
  • May meet your NAR and New Jersey ethics requirements.
What's included:

Mandatory Hours: 6 hrs
Electives: 6 hrs

Total Hours: 12 hrs

  • Fair Housing: This course highlights the history and key points of both federal and state fair housing laws. Learn about fair housing law developments, examine advertising policies and exemptions via case studies, and understand how to avoid discriminatory practice in sales, rentals, and financing of real estate.
  • NAR: May the Code Be With You: This course covers the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics, ethical practices, and decision-making in real estate. This course may be approvable for REALTORS® interested in fulfilling NAR's Code of Ethics requirement. To find out, check with your local REALTORS® association.
  • New Jersey Risk Management: This course highlights risk management for real estate professionals as it pertains to legal or monetary consequences. Learn about risk and how it affects you, explore affiliations and disclosures, and identify legal advertising issues and how to avoid them.
  • Lead Alert: A Guide for Property Managers: This course helps real estate professionals identify the element lead and understand its implications and history. Students will learn the laws surrounding this toxic element and how to recognize health effects of lead exposure. They will also review basic environmental laws surrounding lead.