Where the Next Real Estate Bubbles Are Inflating, According to UBS (Plus Other Links)

Twice a month we scour the internet for the very best links to help you with your career in real estate. Here’s this month’s edition of everything on the internet right now to help you become the very best real estate professional you can be!

Read: Where the next real estate bubbles are inflating

Ah, wouldn’t it be nice if you had a crystal ball and could tell where there’d be a real estate bubble next? Well, a survey by Swiss bank UBS called the “Real Estate Bubble Index” tries to do it for you. According to the report, “bubble risks appear greatest in Hong Kong, Munich, Toronto, Vancouver, London and Amsterdam.” As far as U.S. cities go, no surprise that San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York were all designated as “over-valued.” Boston came in as fair-valued and Chicago appears to be under-valued. Good news if you’re looking to invest in Chicago, perhaps.

The 25-page report is stacked full of granular information about many cities worldwide. It could be very helpful if you’re looking for details on urban markets including price-to-income ratios and where the first signs of a declining market are beginning to show.

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Watch: Turns out workplace happiness is really important

This video isn’t the newest one around, but we came across it recently while researching for our story on the number one way to earn more in real estate and we thought you should see for yourselves. It’s a TED Talk by workplace happiness expert Alexander Kjerulf. It’s 20 minutes long, but here are some of the important takeaways:

  • 6:08 — Anyone can be happy at work. Even this business that is solely focused on picking up dog poop. Why? How? That’s what you need to watch the video for.
  • 9:13 — A good and meaningful job is one of the top three elements that go into making people happy in their lives.
  • 9:46 — Happy people are a lot better at their jobs. He has a huge list of things they’re happier at so if you’re interested skip to this point.
  • 12:27 — The two things that really make you happy at work. We’re not going to give away the answer here, but if you’re wondering what it is, skip here.

Listen: The number one business podcast is…

Do you listen to Bulletproof Real Estate with Andy Dane Carter? At the beginning of October, it jumped to the number one spot for business podcasts on the iTunes chart, and the number two overall spot. The podcast covers everything you need to know about real estate but also delves into lifestyle topics like family, meditation and fitness.

The podcast is less than a year old but already averages about 3,000 downloads a day. He regularly features real estate bigwigs and prominent CEOs. 

Follow: Dottie Herman on Instagram

Forbes has named her the most successful self-made woman in real estate and if that’s not enough she’s got an inspiring Instagram with the occasional historic New York city throwback. Pay attention to how she works by following her on Instagram — she often posts quotes and behind-the-scenes photos.

Act: Halloween is on the horizon

You only have two more weeks to get ready for Halloween, can you do this? Now’s a good time to start thinking of how you’ll harness the holiday to be part of your community. Will you be one of those people who attach a leaflet about your business to the candy you hand out? Will you set up a hot chocolate stand for trick-or-treating parents? The world is your oyster, but here’s a great opportunity to get to know people in your community and be part of their lives.