Scientific Proof Body Language Could Help You Make More Sales (Plus Other Links)

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Read: How to host an open house over the holidays

The holidays are such a busy time of year that many agents often wonder if they should even go through the stress of holding open houses during the holidays. Despite the common stereotype that homes don’t sell this time of year, buyers are still out there searching! Some need to move before jobs that start in January while others want to take advantage of the break from school to move their families. Since there’s often less inventory on the market this time of year, homes that are for sale really have their chance to shine.

That’s why it might be a beneficial idea to host open houses over the holidays after all. Here’s a list of what you should do (and what you shouldn’t do) if you’re going to go for it.

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Watch: Scientific proof body language could help you make more sales

It’s not unusual to hear the common advice to look confident, stand tall, put your shoulders back. But researcher Amy Cuddy actually did the work in the lab to figure out how exactly this impacts our mindset and how people around us perceive us. This TED Talk has been circulating for a while now, but if you haven’t seen it yet now is the time.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • 4:55 This is a natural stance when people feel powerful. Even blind people — who have ever seen another person do this — have this posture when they’re proud.
  • 7:13 Can you “fake it ‘til you make it?” Can you change your posture to make you feel more powerful over time? Some evidence suggests, yes.
  • 8:13 Do our bodies change our minds? Thoughts, feelings and hormones? Here’s a comparison of the minds of the powerful versus the powerless.

Listen: Real estate photography tips you need to know

Many real estate agents tend to hire their own photographers, but if you’re going to attempt your own photos of your listings then check out this podcast full of real estate photography tips that will help you bring your A-game. This Shooting Spaces podcast gets really technical, so you might want to listen to it with a pad of paper and a pen handy so you can take notes and really soak up as much information as possible.

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Act: ‘Tis the season

Now’s the time to start thinking about how you’ll show your clients you appreciate them over the holidays. Is it with chocolates, presents, a Christmas card? As a real estate agent you should always be looking at ways you can establish a personal connection with your clients and Christmas is an easy way to do that.

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