rising rents

Rising Rents and America’s Housing Crisis, Falling Home Prices, Selling a Home in Winter, and More

This week in real estate news we’ve rounded up the following stories: Rising rents are a concern across the country, and there are bound to be ramifications on the housing market. As we head into winter, housing prices are falling. What if you are selling a home in this slow real estate season? An interesting story about a Denver woman being told she must sell her home for far less than its appreciated value. And finally, just in time for Halloween: the most haunted houses in the country.

Rising rents are stressing out tenants and heightening America’s housing crisis

Rents are going up across the country, putting the squeeze on tenants—particularly in the most expensive real estate markets such as New York and San Francisco. This article examines the repercussions on a housing market that is already in crisis.

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Home prices are continuing to fall—by how much?

The summer of 2017 was scorching in terms of real estate, but now that fall is here, buyers are getting some relief on home prices. Find out more about home prices across the country.

Tips for getting a home sold in the winter

Winter is just around the corner—and that usually means a tougher, slower real estate market. But you’ve got clients who just have to sell. Here are some tips for getting that home sold—quickly and for a profit.

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Denver mom may be forced to sell home for $79K below market value

All set to sell her home for $150,000 more than she paid for it five years ago, this home seller found out that her home is part of an affordable housing program that limits appreciation. Find out the details—and weigh in with your own thoughts.