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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

There is a single mother of three working full time at minimum wage, her two lovely teenage daughters, and her energetic 11 year old son, and for one short day, they are ours. Our family, and many others like them, were nominated through their local St. Louis Family Center for a little Christmas miracle. The Westward Cares One Little Christmas Tree project is a company-based giving tree for organizations to adopt deserving families for Christmas. Organized by Westward Financial Strategies, this opportunity is just one way that we at Colibri Real Estate can give back to the community in a uniquely personal way.

It’s easy to be inspired during the holiday season. Through all of the rushing, crowds and media blitz there is always something, a smile, a moment, that perfect song, that makes us realize how truly lucky we are. All of the year’s stresses seem to fade in the light of the love of family and friends, and all of the little things we often take for granted take on a far greater significance. In this Season of Giving, we became inspired by One Little Christmas Tree.

The first thing on the list were comforters – see, our family got their own beds for the first time this year and need some warm comforters to snuggle under. We filled boxes with new clothes, a whole new wardrobe from head to toe, for each family member. The girls got new boots, while the young boy received some cool new basketball shoes. Then the fun really started. The ladies will each receive baskets filled with grooming items, from brushes and headbands to body lotion and nail polish, because every lady deserves a little pampering.  Then we’ll shower our young sports-lover with foam and toy balls, trading cards, and NBA sweatbands, and top it off with a regulation-sized basketball and football.

We must admit we got a little carried away. As children, the most Christmas fun comes in the morning when the wrapping paper flies, but as adults, nothing beats finding the perfect gifts for the people we care about. Just imagining their faces when they open each gift makes our season bright.  As we filled our One Little Christmas Tree list, everyone at Colibri Real Estate brought our adopted family close to their hearts. We hope we helped to give them the best Christmas ever.

From our families, to all of yours, have a very Merry Christmas, and may the New Year bring peace, happiness, and joy to the world.

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