Is it a Good Time to Get into Real Estate?

Anyone who’s been watching (or scrolling for, or listening to a podcast of) the news in the past several months knows that the very mention of an economic downturn is bad for business — all types of business. However, in a lot of ways, real estate is uniquely positioned to allow certain people (read: brokers) to take advantage of the current climate and use it to their advantage, at least in terms of recruiting.  

Here are four undeniable facts that brokers in-the-know can utilize to enlighten prospective agents as to why, contrary to popular belief, there’s no better time to get into real estate than right now.  

When to Get into Real Estate 

No one says you have to jump in with both feet when considering a career in real estate. It’s completely acceptable to just dip a big toe in and test the waters before taking the plunge. This means that not only can prospective agent-types keep their day jobs while they pivot to (or start fresh in) the real estate landscape, if they’re concerned about finances, they almost should. The flexibility that real estate affords means that doing it part-time while you build up a cushion of savings — since income can be sporadic while starting out — can help tide candidates over to carry them through these more transitional periods. Further, with the availability of Colibri Real Estate’s new Accelerator program, some brokers have the ability to offer discounted rates for qualifying education, thus lessening candidates’ financial responsibility. 

The Real Estate Industry Has a Built-In Support System 

Never underestimate the power of having someone to hold your hand and help walk you through a new career — it’s a major draw. That’s why mentoring new and prospective agents is such an invaluable benefit, and Colibri’s broker partners are amongst the best mentors in the business. Using this talking point in recruiting discussions means you’re able to show potential candidates that they A) won’t have to fly blindly and B) have aligned themselves with industry-leading professionals, which helps allay any new career nerves.  

Real Estate Trends Show People Are Making Decisions Now 

From packing up and moving closer to family members, to packing up your desk and moving onto a career with more meaning, there’s been no shortage of major life decisions being made these past few years (hello, Great Resignation). All of that introspection hasn’t just (finally) created an overabundance of inventory in the home selling space, more importantly it has created a more purpose-driven pool of job seekers. Rest assured that people looking to kick off (or pivot to) a career in real estate in this climate are less likely to have landed on this choice with a casual shrug, unsure of what else could be of interest, and more likely to have arrived at this point deliberately. They could be looking for schedule flexibility, to hone a more marketable skill set, up their income-earning potential, or even just indulge a long-held passion for scouring property sites and social media accounts. Whatever’s driving their search, becoming an agent means they’ll be helping people navigate their own major life decisions on a daily basis. And with the “new year, new me” sentiment running high right now, the time has never been better for tapping into that cultural zeitgeist and finding fresh talent.  

Getting into Real Estate: Get Out of It What You Put into It! 

From building their own network of contacts and potential leads, to carving out their professional presence on social media, real estate offers a unique opportunity for not only autonomy, but personal branding. Hitting the recruiting circuit armed with talking points like, “You don’t have to be chained to a desk all day” and “Real estate is tailor-made for entrepreneurial-types” puts your brokerage — and the industry in general — right in the sweet spot for self-starters. Gen Z’ers and Millennials experiencing serious burnout right now are seeking a career that lets them be more of an active participant in their career trajectory, rather than a passenger. Add to that the fact that social media savvy prospective agents can leverage those skills to supercharge their industry contacts and land better listings, and it’s a recipe for creating, optimizing and growing that professional network (both theirs and yours).  

Launch Your Real Estate Career  

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