investing retirement funds in real estate

Investing Retirement Funds in Real Estate, Buying Manufactured Homes, Bathroom Staging, and More

Politically, it’s been a tumultuous week, starting with the new president eliminating the cut in FHA annual insurance lowered by the outgoing HUD secretary. But let’s look ahead to the upcoming year and beyond. Homebuyers are more and more opting for manufactured homes. Many might not be aware that investing retirement funds in real estate is a real option. For those looking to sell, bathroom staging can reap big rewards for a small amount of money. Finally, brush up on your knowledge of acronyms and abbreviations common in the mortgage biz.

Some helpful tips for investing retirement funds in real estate

When it comes to investing for retirement, most people are under the impression that stocks, mutual funds, and the like are an investor’s only option. But the Internal Revenue Service permits investment into real estate. What do you need to know in order to take advantage of this?

After Trump’s first week, homebuyers will pay more

The new administration in Washington, DC, reversed one of the last acts of the outgoing HUD secretary: a cut in the FHA annual insurance premium. What this means for buyers is that you can expect to pay for a home this week than they would have last week. Find out how this might impact home buying for the rest of the year.

Why many Americans are opting for manufactured homes

Are manufactured homes the answer to this country’s affordable housing problem? Some in the industry believe it is, and there might be some truth to it as more and more homebuyers are opting for their own manufactured American dream. Cost savings is just one of the reasons for this growing trend.

Mortgage words you should know

Are you up on all of the latest mortgage lingo? Do you know a DTI from a PITI? What about HOEPA and SFHA? Impress your clients with your knowledge of mortgage jargon by brushing up on these and other industry acronyms.