Flooring Options

Struggling sellers often look to upgrades to help sell a home, while buyers look to maximize their new purchases with savvy style. Here are a few flooring options for homeowners.

King Carpet
Carpet is a flooring staple, but that doesn’t mean it has to be mundane. Carpets come in all manner of colors and styles, stain, wear, and allergen-resistant features, high-end materials, quirky tiles and design configurations, and other options to meet any budget or concern.

New Laminates
These are not your grandmother’s laminate floors. Made from processed linseed oil (a plentiful natural resource) new laminates and laminate tiles can provide a high-end look and a low cost. Laminates are also highly durable, versatile, easy to clean and maintain, and can even be recycled into fuel.

Wood… or Wood-like
Hardwoods are classic, clean beautiful flooring that never fails to impress. Modern forestry techniques and forest management can produce environmentally-sustainable hardwoods. Recycled hardwood floors and flooring made from reclaimed or salvaged wood add warmth and character. Don’t write off synthetic wood floors either; new faux hardwoods, ‘engineered’ wood flooring are not only beautiful and virtually indistinguishable from the real thing, it’s cheaper, easier to install and maintain, more durable, and can be manufactured sustainably from recycled and waste materials such as wood pulp.

Tile, Stone, or Concrete?
Tile and stone have long been in-demand flowing options, and modern manufacture, sealants, styles, and techniques have only improved their use and beauty. More than just porcelain or granite, materials like concrete are being made into tile and synthetic stone, and are making big waves for beauty, durability, and affordability.

What else is there??
Super-soft carpets made from recycled plastic, flooring made from recycled rubber (like car tires), fast-growing, renewable woods like cork and bamboo, tiles from recycled glass or even metal: there are a lot of cool ‘green’ flooring options that range in style, comfort, and use. Looking for a high-end designer option? Check out unique artisan tiles, ultra-modern glass, or chic leather. There are always drawbacks to any martial, from price to maintenance, so be sure to research your material along with the application and location for it.

Great floors can be an impressive selling point that beautifies and enhances a homeowner’s quality of life. Flooring can be customized to any lifestyle, style aesthetic, want, or need, so don’t settle for the same old floor. If your worn-out floors are dragging your home down, look to the impressive range of flooring options to revitalize your space.

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