Real estate agent hosts open house

8 Tips for a Successful Open House

An open house is a standard part of a successful real estate marketing plan. To stand out from the pack, consider these eight easy and inexpensive tips that can make a tremendous difference in the success of your open house. 

1. Hire a professional cleaner.

First and foremost, ensure the home is immaculate when you host an open house. Particular attention should be paid to the kitchen and bathroom areas. Bathing areas and toilets should be sparkling, and the sinks should be clean and dry. The other furnishings should also be clean and well-kept. All furniture should be dust-free, and the floors should be cleaned and vacuumed. 

2. Declutter and make space.

No personal items of any kind should be in the way of a buyer envisioning themselves in the home. All personal items and knick-knacks should be completely out of sight. Photographs and mementos should be packed away. All clothing and shoes should be neatly in their place and away from the view of any potential buyers making their way through the home. 

Make sure there is plenty of open space in all the rooms. Countertop appliances should be stored so countertops appear free from clutter. Where possible, remove an item of furniture to create a spacious feel. (Choose the most worn pieces of furniture to remove.) Less furniture in a room will make it appear less cluttered and easier for a potential buyer to see themselves in the home.

3. Alert and invite the neighbors.

Engaging your neighbors can be a strategic move when hosting an open house. Not only does it create a sense of community, but it also spreads the word about your event. Consider personally inviting them with a friendly note or flyer. Some may even be interested in seeing the interior of a home similar to theirs. 

Additionally, neighbors can offer great insight into the area that potential buyers may find valuable. Building a rapport with neighbors can lead to referrals and networking opportunities in the future. Don’t underestimate the power of involving the local community in your open house events.

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4. Pay close attention to the details.

Attention to detail does not go unnoticed by buyers in an open house. Make sure that everything is functioning properly. All the light bulbs in all lighting fixtures should be in working order. Cabinet hinges and drawers should open smoothly without squeaking, as should all of the doors in the home. Walls should be free from holes or marks from furniture. Buyers will inspect every detail, so ensure you have checked it first. Remember that things like fresh flowers can completely change the feel of a room.

5. Serve treats.

Having a spread of food and refreshments creates a festive atmosphere. Potential buyers are looking for a space they can walk into and feel at home. Food has an amazing way of making everyone feel comfortable.

6. Advertise the open house.

Effective advertising is crucial for a successful open house. To reach a broad audience, utilize various channels such as social media, real estate websites, and local publications. Craft compelling listing descriptions highlighting the property’s unique features and benefits. Eye-catching photos and virtual tours can capture attention and generate interest.

Consider targeted online ads to reach potential buyers in the area. And don’t forget traditional methods like yard signs and flyers in strategic locations. The goal is to maximize exposure and attract as many qualified buyers as possible to your open house.

7. Greet guests as they enter.

The first impression sets the tone for the entire open house experience. Greeting guests warmly as they enter creates a welcoming atmosphere and fosters a positive connection. Smile, introduce yourself, and offer assistance or information about the property. Be attentive to guests’ questions and concerns. Guide them through the home with enthusiasm. 

Personal interaction builds rapport and trust, increasing the likelihood of a successful open house. Remember to maintain professionalism and approachability throughout the event, leaving a lasting impression on potential buyers.

8. Distribute goodie bags and brochures.

Goodie bags and brochures are excellent tools for leaving a lasting impression on open-house visitors. Consider offering small branded items like pens, notepads, or keychains as part of a welcome package. Include informative brochures or flyers about the property, highlighting key features and amenities.  

Personalize the takeaways to reflect the property’s style and appeal to potential buyers. This thoughtful gesture reinforces your attention to detail and professionalism. Guests will appreciate the extra effort and may be more inclined to remember and revisit the property after the open house or contact you with referrals.  

One of the things that will make you successful with your real estate license is the ability to market your properties better than the next licensed real estate agent. Following these quick and easy tips will help ensure you get the best possible response from your open house. With minimal time and effort, you can make a big difference in the outcome of your event. You’ll learn more about marketing properties when you take pre-licensing courses with Colibri Real Estate. Colibri is a real estate education provider that will help you with the licensing process – and your career. Get more actionable strategies by subscribing to our Career Hub.