Second Month of Decreases in Foreclosure Numbers

There is more good news in the real estate market as foreclosure activity fell again nationally in May of 2010. The May 2010 decrease of 3% follows the 2.41% decrease between March and April 2010. Although bank repossessions are still high, up 1% from the previous month, the number of properties that received default notices is down 7% from April 2010. The reported default notices issued in May 2010 are also down 32% from their peak in April of 2009 at the lowest level since November 2009. Albeit slow, the housing market is well on the road to recovery.

A rebounding real estate market could be a tremendous opportunity for many people facing another economic crisis, unemployment. While many industries are laying-off workers, employment opportunities are expected to increase in the coming years for individuals that have a real estate license. A career in real estate could be the answer that many unemployed people are looking for. In many states the real estate training required to take the real estate exam can be completed in a matter of a few short weeks. In just a month or two you could go from unemployment to earning commissions you never thought possible.

Underemployment is another big issue in today’s economy. Many people who are struggling to make ends meet with jobs that do not pay well or offer any hope of prosperity can open a door to a whole new career path. Real estate courses can be taken online through qualified real estate schools. These courses are available 24/7 from anywhere that there is an internet connection, making fitting classes into your current work schedule a breeze.

The most incredible part of starting a new and exciting career in real estate is that unlike other employment education or training options, you do not have to go into debt to start making money. Degree programs can put you in debt thousands of dollars and take years to complete with no guarantee that you will find a job that pays well. Real estate training takes only weeks and the costs fall in the hundreds, and not thousands, of dollars. Most of the time you can earn what it cost you to get your real estate license in your very first commission with money to spare.

As the real estate market continues to strengthen, the need for licensed professionals will also increase creating opportunities for those who have their real estate license. There has never been a better time to start a new career in real estate.