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Real Estate Impact of Trump Tax Changes, Real Estate Photographers, and More

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WATCH: 17 things we learned from real estate photographers

If you’ve ever tried to take a decent picture only to find the end result is anything but, you already know you shouldn’t skimp on professional shots when it comes to your listings. Even in the hottest real estate markets, potential buyers won’t look at your home if they are not attracted to the ad. That’s where real estate photographers come in.

Take a look at this slideshow that features professional real estate photographs along with explanations about what makes these shots so effective. As one of the photographers featured in the article says, it’s all about the emotional pull of an image.

Watch the entire slideshow here.

LISTEN: Trump tax changes could hurt affordability at high end of the housing market

The Trump administration’s new tax law is forcing people across the country to reconsider just how much home they can afford. The new law might actually force home prices down—particularly those at a higher price point in more expensive areas of the country.

READ: Which generation is struggling the most to buy a home? (Hint: It’s not Millennials.)

It’s not Generation Z—those born around 1996 to 2010 and who are just starting to enter the market—either. It’s Generation X, those born right after the Baby Boomers and who were quite likely to have been hit hard by the financial crisis of 2008. Many of them found themselves with homes that were underwater or sent into foreclosure.

Today, most of them have children, car loans, and credit card debt, making it tough to save up for a down payment.

Read the full article here.

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