mortgage applications down

Mortgage Applications Down, Home Prices Stay Up, Influencers to Follow, and More

There aren’t many surprises in this week’s real estate news round-up. Mortgage applications are down, but that’s because the inventory for buyers just isn’t available. Predictions for the immediate future show little change expected. Whether you are in real estate already, or just thinking about getting your career started, we’ve got a list of the top influencers you should be following. And just for fun: why one homeowner has a window in his kitchen floor. Enjoy!

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Weekly mortgage applications down 3.4 percent as homebuyers find little for sale

Mortgage applications are down, but not because buyers aren’t interested; they simply can’t find any properties to purchase. CNBC provides a full report on the potential ramifications of this situation.

Top 10 real estate influencers to follow

Wherever you are in your real estate career—newly minted agent or seasoned pro—these are the people you need to be following.

Think home prices are high now? Why they’re likely to keep going up

The continued shortage of new homes to buy is fueling higher prices across the country. Experts don’t see that changing anytime soon.

What buyers need to know if they want to buy a house in the next 5 years

Almost half of those who don’t own a home now say they plan to take the leap in the next five years. What do would-be buyers need to know today?

This man put a window in his kitchen floor. The reason? Genius!

Any guesses as to why this man might have put a window in such an unusual place? You might want to keep this in mind for your future dream home.

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