Why One Agent Quit Door-Knocking for Good (Plus Other Weekend Links)

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Listen: How low can you go under the asking price if you pay cash?

If you have a client who wants to pay cash, what’s the best way to use this as a bargaining chip in negotiations? Will a cash deal mean a better deal for the buyer? Not necessarily. The Real Estate Guys talk about what a cash offer really means in their podcast (2:44). Hint: it’s most helpful if you have a really motivated seller who wants to close quickly. But we don’t want to steal the fun from you, take a listen to their answer so you’ll know how to approach a cash deal next time you have one on your hands.

Watch: Why one real estate agent quit door-knocking

If you love surprising strangers at home and trying to sell your services, maybe you’re not desperate to find a way to quit door-knocking. But, for everyone else, if you’re still door-knocking here are a few reasons to consider other methods:

  • If it feels intrusive to you or doesn’t align with your style. (5:08)
  • If it gives you anxiety that slowly continues to build and make you dread your job. (5:37)
  • You just can’t force yourself to do it. (7:02)

So, what do you do instead of door-knocking? For that, you’ll have to watch the video.

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Read: Easy organic search opportunities you might be missing

We don’t blame you if SEO gets overwhelming. There’s a lot to learn in order to attract this so-called free traffic to your website, and since methods change constantly you don’t just have to learn the information but keep up with it!

There are, however, some easy SEO techniques you can start applying today to help you attract more potential clients. They’re all summarized in this Search Engine Journal story, but we’ll give you our favorite one right now: mobile.

More than half of all purchases are going to happen on mobile by 2021, SEJ predicts. Think buying a home on your phone is out of the question? You might want to start rethinking your mobile strategy.

Follow: Real estate coach Stefan Aarnio

While Aarnio doesn’t have a celebrity following like some of the more recognizable real estate coaches out there, he posts a lot of videos and many of them are about the trials of being an entrepreneur. Sometimes this working-for-yourself thing can get lonely and it’s helpful to know other people understand. That’s why Aarnio is our follow recommendation this week.

Act: Back-to-school is just around the corner

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but the end of summer is closer than you think. But, back-to-school can be a great marketing tool for your real estate business if you start planning now. How can you serve busy parents as they’re adjusting to a new schedule?

Here are four ideas to try:

  • Contribute to the community by holding a school supplies drive for underprivileged families or by participating in one that’s already happening in your area.
  • Become a community expert by creating a directory of local businesses offering back-to-school sales.
  • Partner with local businesses to start a back-to-school giveaway that you can run on social media together.
  • Share your favorite lunch recipes.
  • Compile a list of reputable after-school care programs.

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