Wisconsin Salesperson & Broker (18 Hours)

Why it's for you:
What's included:
Mandatory Hours: 12 hrs
Elective Hours: 6 hrs

Total Hours: 18 hrs
Narrating Audio for Coursework:

Learn how you want - listen to all of your course materials with our narrating audio learning option. With this new learning option, learn how, when, and where you want to stay compliant in Wisconsin.

  • Wisconsin Real Estate Agency: This three-hour course addresses several topics mandated by the Wisconsin Real Estate Examining Board related to the important topic of agency, which defines the relationship between a firm, its associated licensees, and the public. Highlights include review of key concepts related to agency, the use of the REEB-approved forms, various compensation arrangements and the licensee’s need to be familiar with actions that violate antitrust laws.
  • Wisconsin Legal Updates and Review: This three-hour course focuses on recent Wisconsin legislation and court cases that relate to the practice of real estate. Highlights include new or amended Wisconsin statutes, court decisions that can impact your practice, implicit bias, and diversity.
  • Wisconsin Real Estate Transactions: This three-hour course reviews various aspects of a real estate transaction. Highlights include disclosure obligations for both real estate licensees and property owners who are selling real estate, contingencies found in the WB-11 Residential Offer to Purchase, inspection contingency, and the role of the home inspector in a real estate transaction.
  • Wisconsin Real Estate Practice: This three-hour course provides focuses on topics related to your practice of real estate. Highlights include truthful advertising and communications, result of default on contractual obligations, and disciplinary actions of the Wisconsin Real Estate Examining Board.
  • Challenging Transactions and Risks: This three-hour course provides some review and insight into the challenges associated with the many aspects of handling various real estate transactions. Highlights include economic causes of borrower default and their results, contingencies in the WB-11 Residential Offer to Purchase, and strategies to reduce risk in everyday practice.
  • Drafting and Handling Contracts: This three-hour elective course reviews some of the challenges associated with various types of real estate transactions. Course highlights include basic concepts related to zoning and land use, and the importance of agriculture in Wisconsin and the state’s Right to Farm law.