Wyoming Sales Agent & Associate Broker (45 Hrs)

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  • Courses in this package are designed to meet Wyoming CE requirements.
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  • NAR EthicsThis course was designed to meet the NAR and ethics requirements in Wyoming.
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What's included:
Mandatory Hours: 24 hrs
Elective Hours: 21 hrs

Total Hours: 45 hrs
Narrating Audio for Coursework:

Learn how you want - listen to all of your course materials with our narrating audio learning option. With this new learning option, learn how, when, and where you want to stay compliant in Wyoming.

  • WYREQ03-24: Fair Housing & Anti-Trust: This class is intended to give real estate licensees a current update on law concerning fair housing, anti-trust, and the real estate industry in general. Upon completion of this class, students will have a strong understanding of how federal and state fair housing and anti-trust laws apply to their practice of real estate, as well as, how to abide by the law in listing, showing and selling properties.
  • WYREQ04-24: Real Estate Risk Management & Technology: This class is intended to give real estate licensees a thorough overview of best practices in the workplace involving the use of computer hardware, software, server/cloud storage, internet-based business tools, email, tablets, and electronic forms. Upon completion of this class, students will have a strong understanding of how technology is most safely implemented and used in a real estate business. Students will also develop an understanding of liability issues that may arise when technological best practices are ignored.
  • WYREQ05-24: Marketing, Advertising and Social Media Compliance: This class is intended to provide real estate licensees with an overview of state laws and regulations concerning marketing and advertising in the real estate industry. Upon completion of the class, students will have a strong understanding of the legal requirements for advertising across all means for the various purposes indicated in the core topics.
  • WYREQ06-24: Valuation and Finance: This class is intended to educate licensees on how prices of land and property are assessed and valued in different markets. Upon completion of this class, students will understand valuation and pricing, as well as, the various means by which a buyer may finance the purchase of real estate.
  • WYREQ08-24: Agency and Contracts: This course is intended to educate real estate licensees on the topic of “agencyâ€? and will explain when and how an “agencyâ€? is formed between a broker/salesman and buyer/seller/renter/homeowner. Upon completion of this course, students will be aware of the responsibilities and obligations that are assumed by the parties to a transaction when an “agencyâ€? is formed.
  • May the Code Be With You: This course covers the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics, ethical practices, and decision-making in real estate. This course may be approvable for REALTORS® interested in fulfilling NAR's Code of Ethics requirement. To find out, check with your local REALTORS® association.
  • Fair Housing: Understand key points and historical insights on both federal and state-specific fair housing laws. Course highlights include housing law developments throughout history, advertising policies, and how to stay clear of discriminatory practices.
  • Implicit Bias Awareness and Cultural Competency: This course explores implicit, unconscious biases and how, by understanding them, we can interact and communicate effectively with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures.
  • Real Estate Safety: Protect Yourself and Your Clients: This course covers safety protocols that real estate professionals can employ in the field. You'll explore tips for protecting yourself and your clients, identify safety tips for getting a client's home ready to sell, and learn how to conduct safe showings.
  • Educating Homebuyers: This course provides the tools, techniques, and insights needed to guide buyers through the homebuying process. Help buyers find homes in the current market, prepare finances, negotiate, and more.
  • Real Estate Investing: Beyond the Basics: This course helps you to take your real estate business to the next level with knowledge of real estate investing. Topics covered in this course include how to use an investment property worksheet, determining property's investment value, passive loss rules, and how to maximize tax-savings benefits of depreciation.