Idaho Lead Alert: A Guide for Property Managers

This course describes some of the most important aspects of the element lead, one of the oldest known elements on earth and certainly one of the most widely known toxins of recent decades. It begins with a brief history of lead including historical and modern uses. A discussion follows of the most common sources for lead contamination both inside the home as well as outside the home including contamination in water sources and more recent potential sources of lead in some playground surfaces.

Once a general understanding of lead and its likely sources of exposure has been gained, the course narrows in on laws surrounding this toxic element with a particular focus on those of relevance to property managers. Of vital importance is the Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule (RRP) and as such, much of the course is devoted to it. As property managers, it is important to also have a basic understanding of the Lead-Safe certification process for firms as well as for individual renovators as your maintenance staff, your company, or those you hire for repair work may need this certification. If you perform the work, you may need the certification yourself. Specific points of the RRP law and amendments are addressed. 

Finally, the course describes and asks you consider a hypothetical scenario in which a property manager has neglected to follow requirements of various laws and asks you to consider the violations made. Some of the specific health effects associated with lead exposure in children as well as adults are described and the course ends with descriptions of the legal responsibilities of the property manager to tenants when leasing or renovating older buildings. Questions you should ask of potential contractors and a variety of resources are described and provided.