Indiana Broker (12 Hrs)

Why it’s for you:
  • Courses in this package meet all of your state CE requirements.
  • Take courses online at your own pace.
What's included:
Mandatory Hours: 0 hrs
Electives: 12 hrs

Total Hours: 12 hrs
  • Handling Multiple Offers: Multiple offers often happen in a seller’s market when competition for residential property is greatest and there are more buyers than there are properties for sale. However, it can occur in any market and especially for properties within an affordable price range.
  • Educating Sellers: In this course, we will provide you with tools and information to help you educate sellers so that you can secure listings and smoothly guide your sellers to successful closings. Course topics will help you guide clients on the importance of staging, strategies for when homes have yet to sell, evaluation of multiple offers, and contract negotiations.
  • Implicit Bias Awareness and Cultural Competency: This course describes implicit (unconscious) biases, how they are created, and how by understanding them we can interact and communicate effectively with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures. No matter if you are new to the business or are a veteran real estate agent, your success depends on your ability to work with other people. And now those people are multifaceted, multiracial, and multicultural.
  • Real Estate Investing: Beyond the Basics: Take your real estate business to the level by expanding your knowledge of real estate investing. In this course, you’ll learn how to use an investment property worksheet to analyze a property, explore how to determine a property’s investment value quickly and effectively, and examine how to maximize the tax-savings benefits of depreciation through a bifurcation strategy.