Washington DC Salesperson (15 Hrs)

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Mandatory Hours: 12 hrs
Elective Hours: 3 hrs

Total Hours: 15 hrs
Narrating Audio for Coursework:

Learn how you want - listen to all of your course materials with our narrating audio learning option. With this new learning option, learn how, when, and where you want to stay compliant in Washington DC.

  • DC Fair Housing: As a real estate professional in the District of Columbia, this course will equip you with the knowledge you need to avoid discrimination in your real estate practice. You’ll explore the Fair Housing laws that are specific to the District of Columbia, go inside the DC Human Rights Act, and get insights on your responsibilities to adhering to the laws to protect all of your clients.
  • DC Real Estate Ethics: Though the real estate market has evolved a lot since 1913, one aspect that has not changed is that home buyers continue to select professionals who hold themselves to a high ethical standard. Familiarity with the Code of Ethics will allow you to build stable and lasting relationships with your clients in both Washington, DC, and other regions around the United States. Your instructor will provide you with an overview of the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the National Association of REALTORS® as it applies to the profession of real estate.
  • DC Legislative Update: In this course, you'll examine the different Federal and State laws and regulations that affect how a real estate agent deals with the public as well as DC real estate transactions.
  • DC Property Management: This course provides licensees with an overview of various aspects of property management within the District of Columbia. Special emphasis is placed on the District of Columbia's laws, regulations, final rulings, etc. regarding licensure, exemptions, and the duties and fiduciary responsibilities of licensees involved in leasing or managing real estate. Several case studies are included throughout regarding the property manager's role in promoting and protecting public trust while performing property management functions within the District of Columbia.
  • Real Estate Safety: Protect Yourself and Your Clients: This course covers safety protocols that real estate professionals can employ in the field. You'll explore tips for protecting yourself and your clients, identify safety tips for getting a client's home ready to sell, and learn how to conduct safe showings.