California Second & Subsequent Renewal (45 Hrs)

Why it's for you:
  • Courses in this package are designed to meet California CE requirements.
  • Take courses online at your own pace!
  • NAR EthicsThis course was designed to meet the NAR and ethics requirements in California.
  • Accessible Narrated Audio with Adjustable Speeds
What's included:
Mandatory Hours: 27 hrs
Elective Hours: 18 hrs

Total Hours: 45 hrs
Narrating Audio for Coursework:

Learn how you want - listen to all of your course materials with our narrating audio learning option. With this new learning option, learn how, when, and where you want to stay compliant in California.

  • California 9-Hour Combined Survey Course (OC): Examine six specific topic areas for real estate professionals in California: Ethics, agency, fair housing, trust fund handling, risk management, and implicit bias.
  • California 15-Hour Green Building Consumer Protection (OC): With environmental concerns escalating each year, the market for eco-friendly homes is flourishing. Learn how California is attempting to reduce its environmental footprint and how it can positively impact your real estate career.
  • California 11-Hour Consumer Protection Investment Course (OC): Gain a working knowledge of proper decision-making strategies for real estate investment. Review IRS rules and guidelines on §1031, grow your skills for working with investor clients, and explore negotiations, closings, and homebuyer credit scores.
  • California 7-Hour Elective Topics Course (OC): Learn how to become your clients' go-to source for the complexities of home buying and mortgage financing options. Explore real estate financing options and the financing process, review laws and regulations that govern real estate financing transactions, and take an in-depth look at listing agreements.
  • California 4-Hour Marketing Elective Course (OC): Uncover how to develop innovative marketing strategies to maintain and develop relationships with past and future clients, generate leads, and gain an advantage over your competition.
  • May the Code Be With You: This course covers the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics, ethical practices, and decision-making in real estate. This course may be approvable for REALTORS® interested in fulfilling NAR's Code of Ethics requirement. To find out, check with your local REALTORS® association.