The Most Successful Real Estate Agents Do These 10 Things

successful real estate agents

Attaining success isn’t simply a matter of luck. It’s often a matter of taking the time to learn real estate, applying your knowledge and sticking with it. Over 23,000 of the most successful real estate agents in the U.S. and Canada receive training at our sister company, The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, and we’re here to share with you what common traits and characteristics they have that helps them get ahead and stay ahead. 

As you look ahead your future in a real estate career, you may not be at the point in your career where you are ready for luxury listings, but you can learn some tricks from these top agents so you can break through to the next level of performance and get to a higher price point – whether that level is at $300,000 or $3 million.

Cultivate these traits within your own real estate business and get ready to break through to the next level of performance.

1. Develop a consistent brand

Consistency in starts by identifying the customer. Develop your brand based on how it resonates with your target audience, and then live and breathe your brand through each touchpoint.

2. Practice authenticity

As your clients climb in affluence, so do the number of people trying to sell products or services to them. Don’t start your relationships based solely on the sale—it will take you nowhere. Strive to make an authentic connection with them by understanding what they value and what drives them.

3. Live in the details

The most successful real estate pros know the smallest changes that will increase the sellability of a home. These details are crucial at higher price points where the pool of buyers shrinks.

4. Embrace professionalism

The most successful real estate professionals are the ones who have strong business acumen. They have immense communication skills, exceptional service and stay organized.  

5. Be tenacious

High-net-worth clients want to know that their real estate professional will work tirelessly to give them the best service possible. Go to bat for the issues they care about, and your reputation will flourish.

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6. Dress for success

When working with high net worth individuals, you need to look the part. Your appearance should show that you value yourself as much as the homes you sell.

7. Relate to your clients

Take the time to research your target market and potential clients. Get to know what influences them and what their background is. Once you understand what drives them, you can make a more human connection.

8. Be honest

The most successful real estate professionals are highly skilled in honesty, especially when it comes to pricing and timing. Luxury clients don’t want to be surprised, so you need to be upfront about any potential issues.

9. Develop a world-class network

Top real estate professionals use a vast network of people—both in-person and online—to drive their brand forward. Not only do they make the connections, but they cultivate their relationships into clients.

10. Remain agile 

The opportunity for growth in your target market is there, as long as you remain innovative and adaptable to your local market influences.

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