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How to Become a Local Real Estate Market Expert

Real estate, like politics, is all local. When buyers and sellers are browsing the internet looking for the right agent to guide them through their next transaction, they’re looking for a local real estate market expert.

Of course, they’re looking for someone with in-depth market knowledge. What are the sales trends? How much should they offer? What will the local real estate market look like in the next six months? But they also want someone who can introduce them to the community, tell them the best places to eat, and explain which schools serve which neighborhoods. They need someone to be their tour guide, to teach them what living in this community will be like.

A reputation for knowing your market inside and out can help your real estate career tremendously. Here are five strategies that will help you claim your spot as the local real estate market expert.

1. Get involved in the community

You may already be involved in your local community. If you are, be sure to share your interests and affiliations on your website. You never know what could spark a conversation or make a prospective buyer pick up the phone and call you.

If you’re not already participating, get involved. Are you interested in local recreation and sports? Have you considered volunteering with Habitat for Humanity or your local Humane Society? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to join the church choir or become a mentor at the local Boys and Girls Club.

Being involved with your community not only gets your name out there; it also gets you immersed in what’s happening around town and allows you to share those experiences, and that knowledge, with your clients.

2. Connect with area businesses

Your clients may come to you for recommendations for everything from painters to handymen to places to eat to the closest golf course. When you reach out to local businesses and learn more about what they offer, you’ll be able to better answer your clients’ questions. Consider adding a section to your website where you list local businesses. Or feature a local business on your blog once a month.

3. Walk or drive your communities

One of the best ways to learn about neighborhoods in your local real estate market is to get out there and take a tour. Drive out to the new development on the outskirts of town and take a look around. Learn the street names. Learn the quickest routes from each of your neighborhoods to the airport. Learn the differences among the local grocery stores, bakeries, and coffee shops.

4. Create local content for your real estate blog

Your website is an excellent place to start building up your credentials as a local real estate market expert. If your website or blog features content that helps prospects learn more about the community, you’ll bring visitors back to your site for more and establish yourself as a market leader.

Creating content doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Have you attended a local event recently? Update your blog with pictures of the event and a few short sentences about why events like these make your community a great place to live. Share local news stories on your social media.

5. Stay ahead of the most current local real estate market trends

Curating content about current market trends can be a great way to set yourself apart from others and show that you are a local real estate market expert. Your MLS is a great place to offer trends and statistics. You can also report content from other sources, such as the local newspaper or your broker’s monthly report, on how the market is doing. When you share this information—whether via your blog or maybe a newsletter—you’re making yourself a resource for your clients and potential clients.