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Mortgage Industry Complaints, Millennials Buying Homes, Seller Disclosure Guidelines, and More

Look no further than our gathering of real estate news to catch up on the latest in the industry. This week’s round-up includes a variety of topics. The business has had a tough time over the past 10 years or so, and mortgage industry complaints are again on the rise. Many of those complaining are Millennials, who are purchasing homes in higher numbers than ever before. Disclosures about properties are necessary; how much are sellers obligated to spill about their home for sale? Is the highest offer the best offer? Are you a new agent? Here’s how you can boost your confidence.

Mortgage industry under fire again…from younger buyers

Just when you thought the mortgage company had put the tough days from the past decade behind, more controversy has sparked. This time, it’s younger buyers saying mortgage companies are all about profit and less about customer service.

Why Millennials are considering buying homes again

Speaking of the younger buyer, Bloomberg is reporting that the number of Millennials who are purchasing their residence is on the rise, from 28 percent in 2012 to 32 percent in 2014. Are continually rising rents the reason for the uptick?

How much should sellers disclose when selling their house?

Disclosures are important to both buyers and sellers, but what are the legal obligations for sharing information on a listing? This article includes the basics.

This house had 22 offers. Here’s why the owners didn’t take the highest

Multiple offers are not uncommon these days, and it is a no-brainer that sellers will go for the one that offers the most money. Or is it?

6 ways to boost your confidence as a new—or young—agent

Regardless of your age when you enter the real estate market as a new agent, it can be tough to solicit business when you have little or no experience. Here are six ways you can persuade potential clients they can count on you.

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