How to Stand Out From the Crowd and Win Listings

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By Brooke Tanner

As a new real estate agent, getting out there and meeting with potential clients for new listings can be hectic and stressful. These meetings can make you feel a little anxious, especially if you know that you are not the only agent interviewing for the job. This article will go over some ideas and suggestions that can make you stand out from the crowd.

Make Sure You Are Prepared for the Listing Appointment

Sure, you know your stuff, you know the current market, and you can sell anything, especially yourself. However, what if you get to the listing appointment and start your presentation and find that your potential client has a different learning and personality style than you? 

What if they like a visual on your iPad and not a paper presentation or vice versa? What if they decided to have their mother sit in and listen to help them make the best decision. Did you bring an additional presentation that you can give her to follow along? In these situations and many others, you may find yourself in, you should have a backup plan.

There are several different personalities and ways that people like to have information shared with them. It would be best to have multiple presentations available for the various clients you may be working for. Whether that be more statistics for a more analytical client or some creative material with different options on how you plan to market their home for the amiable client, invest some time to understand distinct personalities and learning styles.

Being prepared and having the ability to change on the fly will set you apart from another agent who could not do so. Your clients want someone professional and flexible, and this is a perfect way to show them you are the best fit for the job right from your first meeting.

Practice Makes Perfect

Once you have created the perfect listing templates that can be used for your presentations, take some time to role-play. It never hurts to get together with someone from your brokerage or a friend or family member to practice your presentation skills. Have the person you are role-playing with throw out different questions or possible scenarios that you could find yourself in. It may seem uncomfortable at first, but it will only help you when you are in that position for real and must throw out something off the cuff.

Role-playing would be a great exercise to do if you are working some floor time at the office or suggest this as a group activity for one of your office meetings. Some of the more tenured agents could give you some tips and advice, or maybe you could even teach them some new things. 

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Use Professional Services

We have all seen the listings with pictures taken by an old flip phone in the vertical orientation—do not be that agent. Utilize skilled professionals to help in the areas like staging or photography at no cost to your potential client. This shows them that you are serious about your work, you take pride in your listings, and you are putting in some money upfront to market their home the best you can. Adding flyers to your presentation from the companies you are using will highlight the excellent work they do and allow your potential seller to visualize their listing.

Imagine that the agent they met with right before you did not bring any of these additional features to the table. Another benefit to this is that you can ask these professionals you are using to be a part of your real estate team of experts. That is an excellent addition to your business’s marketing material for social media or the local papers and magazines.

Be Honest

There will be much discussion about the current market and how your potential client’s home stacks up against the competition. Be honest. Let them know what they may need to do to make their home the best choice at their price point. Show them comparable listings that have recently sold, active listings, and listings that have expired. Let them see what the competition is and help them understand where their home falls into play in the market.

It is tough to disagree with potential clients regarding price and updates that are needed because you do not want to lose the listing. But you need to be realistic and help them understand what needs to be done to sell their home. You are the trusted professional, and that is why they are hiring you.  

You will have countless listing appointments in your real estate career, and with experience and practice, you will get better over time. Just remember to take your time and learn as you go. If your professional, dressed to impress, and respectful, using these tips will help you succeed. If you do not get a listing, don’t be afraid to reach out to the customer and ask why. 

This will help you do better next time and show that you really want to understand and learn. Maybe next time they are ready for another real estate transaction, they will give you another shot! 

brooke tannerAbout the Author: Brooke Tanner is a Colibri Real Estate alum and real estate agent at Coldwell Banker Schmidt in West Michigan with over 20 years of customer service experience. She strives to be the best resource and trusted advisor for all buyers and sellers by staying on top of industry changes and trends.

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