Colorado Broker (8 Hrs)

Why it’s for you:
  • You can take this 8-hour package every year to meet your 3-year CE requirements.
  • Take courses online at your own pace.
What's included:
Mandatory Hours: 4 hrs
Electives: 4 hrs

Total Hours: 8 hrs
  • Colorado Annual Commission Update Course: This is a four-hour course that counts towards your twelve commission course hours required per cycle. As per state requirements, there will be a final exam at the end of this course where you must obtain a 70% or higher in order to receive credit for this course. You will have two chances to pass the final exam. Each exam contains ten questions. It is recommended brokers take the Annual Commission Update (ACU) Course between January and June. Brokers should also consider taking a contracts course every year as this is not a contracts course. This course offers fresh information that brokers need.
  • Implicit Bias Awareness and Cultural Competency: This course explores implicit, unconscious biases and how, by understanding them, we can interact and communicate effectively with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures.