Alabama A New Look at Contract Law

This course provides a unique look at contracts, from the history and evolution of contracts, to types of contracts, and from Sale and Purchase, to Loan Assumption Addendum. In Chapter One, you will study the history and origins of contract law. You will learn why contracts are important. You will become familiar with the Uniform Commercial Code, the Statute of Frauds, mutual assent, offers, and other types of contracts. Chapter Two covers the essential elements of a contract, such as mutual assent, consideration, legal object, and capacity to contract. In Chapter Two you will also learn about operation of law, interpretation of contracts, breach of contract, and remedies to a breach. Chapter Three is the final chapter in this course. It provides details of common terms associated with contracts, the format of a contract, and practice of law. The last part of Chapter Three provides examples of different contracts. The course ends with a final exam.