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Learn How to Live Mortgage Free (and Other Links)

We scour the internet twice a month for the most relevant and cutting-edge news relating to real estate. Our goal is to inspire and elevate industry knowledge. Find the latest roundup below: Read: Bronx real estate students mean business Project Destined is an organization…

Getting a mortgage when you are self-employed

Since the mortgage crisis hit, it is increasingly difficult for anyone to get a mortgage. If you are self-employed, this process can be even more complicated, regardless of credit score and good income. Getting a mortgage when you are self-employed requires a little more…

A Bank and a Short Sale: A Drama

The banking crisis is bleeding over all aspects of our lives: interest rates are plummeting, the value of the solar is dropping, and the cost of everything is going up. Meanwhile the weakened economy has jobs still scarce, pay stagnant, debts harder to pay,…

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