Is Real Estate for Me?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple test to tell you if real estate is the right career for you? Maybe the test would sound like this:

            Q: Do you get up before your alarm goes off?

            A: If yes, you’re a go getter. This is good.              

            Q: Did you belong to the pep club in high school?

            A: If yes, you’re enthusiastic. This also is good.

            Q: Do you remember everyone you ever met?

            A: If almost yes, this is good because you’ll need all the contacts you can muster.

            Q: Which of these better describe you? Perseverant or indefatigable?

            A: Either one will certainly help you do well in real estate.

I am just kidding about these questions. But, there are some general attributes to start you thinking about your suitability. Do any of these describe you?

  • Self-starter
  • Hard worker
  • Flexible
  • Affable
  • Good listener
  • Acquainted with the territory
  • Informed about the product

Let’s talk about just two of these:

Affability is a pleasant and friendly way with people.  In some professions, it ranks higher than ability, affordability, and accessibility. This is really important in real estate.

And the need for knowledge….where can you start? How about online? Since you are online now, this is obviously a medium where you are comfortable.  

Your state may have an online real estate course, and your state Real Estate Commission office can provide this information. Look them up in the state pages of your local phone book.

Or, you can search online, in your usual way. For example, if you look at the State of Illinois web site, and search for “real estate schools”, it will bring up the list of approved schools.  Look at the ones with web sites and think about your needs. Do you want to remain in your current job and take courses in your free time? Do you need flexibility for your family? You can do this!

Or, you can Google online real estate school”…

More later about schools. Let’s go back to attributes. This is a good 10-question quiz that can help you determine whether you would make a good real estate salesperson.

Take the Quiz

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