How to Get a New York Real Estate License

With the job market being the last piece of the economic puzzle to turn around, many people in New York are looking for work that will help them keep their heads above water. The good news on the horizon is that there are job markets that are about to explode with opportunity once again, and one of those markets is real estate. The number of people that are ready to take advantage of the most amazing conditions for buyers in the housing market right now is growing daily. All of these new buyers will need licensed real estate salespeople to handle their transactions.

Consider that the average commission for a real estate deal is conservatively 2.5% and the median price of a home in New York is in the $900,000.00 range, the commission on one sale is in excess of $22,000.00. Now consider that in a few short weeks, you could be licensed and primed to begin to bring home that kind of paycheck. With some course work, a passing grade on the New York real estate license exam, and a minimal number of other requirements, you could be doing much more than keeping your head above water – armed with a real estate license you could be sailing smoothly.

The requirements to be a real estate professional in New York are much simpler than one might expect in order to gain such potentially incredible financial returns. Many people will not come close in an entire year to what you could make in just one or two commissions. There are 75 hours of course work that are required to be completed in order to qualify to take the real estate exam in New York State. In addition to the classes, you must be at least 18 years old and have a licensed real estate broker that is willing to sponsor you when you pass the exam. Once the notification of the satisfactory completion of the real estate exam is received, you will submit the completion proof, the license application and the fee for the license to the Department of State Licensing Bureau and you are ready to get started.

Home prices is New York are at the lowest that many of us have ever seen, and the available tax incentives to buy a home right now, the bargains in the real estate market are becoming too good to pass up for a lot of buyers. Not to mention the enormous tax incentives for people to purchase their first home or even upgrade, or downsize, their current primary residence. The lowest interest rates in decade’s rounds out what has turned into the ultimate in buyers market in New York Real Estate.

The demand for licensed real estate agents in New York is about to explode, and within a few short weeks you could be ready to make a new start on a career path that has historically created more wealth than any other. As you gain experience in the housing market you will build clientele and learn more about how the industry works. The more skills and knowledge you develop, the more successful you can become. A successful career in real estate will provide a secure living for you and your family and that it only the beginning. A highly successful real estate career can change your entire life.

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